Dr. Rajeev Chaudhary


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Law is “DHARMA” and Dharma teaches us what is right and wrong. Legal education provides a fantastic career with multifarious openings; Legal Education is mainly concerned with the protection of rights of the individual and society through advocacy along with social conscience and delivery of justice within and beyond law courts. Administration of justice is the only way to a peaceful life. Law is the most powerful social instrument to bring social justice as it rules even the rulers and Vivek College is committed to qualitative legal Education for this purpose. The mission of the college is to achieve excellence in social justice.

No one can forgive the active contribution of advocates in the freedom of our Nation And In the present scenario the Legal profession is a fast-growing profession. In this era of globalization and liberalization. Lawyers are held in high esteem in the civil society as they render valuable service to all segments of the society by getting their constitutional and legal rights enforced through Trial Court, High Court, Supreme Court or Quasi-Judicial Institutions. Persons holding law degree or other higher legal qualifications have ample employment opportunities in private as well as the public sector. It is their choice whether they opt for service or prefer to practice as a lawyer.