Head of Department

Ms Prerna Verma



Train youth to build up ideal families and motivate them to become agents of social change by stimulating their creative faculties, powers of reasoning and reflection.


  • Provide scientifically planned multi-dimensional, skill-oriented personality development course, which enables students to excel in areas of health, family care, community service and more importantly diverse careers and professions in today's context. 

  • Provide education not only to acquire knowledge but also to inculcate a sound philosophy for holistic living.

  • Provide quality education and at the same time inculcate a spirit of service and dedication.


“Home Science means the art of managing resources efficiently and the science of achieving a healthy and happy home as well as a successful career”.
Department of home science is a constituent, in Vivek group of colleges. 
The department was started in the year 2014 under the supervision of Vivek College of education. Department established with the three-year bachelor programme in Home Science. Being a multidisciplinary subject, a varied spectrum of courses were included in the curriculum of Home Science, the subjects being taught are Food & Nutrition, Resource Management, Extension and Communication, Textile and Clothing and Child Development with emphasis on Interior Decoration, Child Psychology, Ergonomics, Biochemistry, Dietetics etc. Later in 2017, it also supports a master programme in two-stream of Home Science such as food nutrition and human development.
           Home Science Department conducts orientation programme every year keeping in view the overall development of students. 
The department of home science aphorism is "BALIKAON KA UTHTHAN HI HAMARA PARAM KARTAVYA HAI". 
The academic disciplines in the college are artistic, creative and Indian cultured based. 
Goals :
•    The discover and develop students skill & talents to be used for self-empowerment. 
•    To promote social awareness by way of visiting different institutions.
•    To promote the all-round development of students through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
•    To impart quality education to the socially weaker section of the society with minimum expenditure and maximum benefit.

The department has continued to grow to more facilities over the establishment. The department has established the following facilities:
1-Classrooms with Cameras
4-Computer Resource Centre
5-Student Corner
6-Food Lab
7-Textile and designing Lab
8-Human Development Lab
9- Scholarships to meritorious students 
10- Guidance and counselling
11- Placement cell