Head of Department

Dr. Meena Chaudhary

Head of Dept of Science


The Department of Science, Vivek College of Education Bijnor has the vision to be a centre of excellence in research work supporting interdisciplinary teaching, research and innovation to create human capital of exceptional quality.


  • To inspire the students to become professionals who would strengthen and advance the research work in national as well as international arena.

  • To offer interactive education within an environment that enhances creativity, innovation and scholarly pursuits.

  • To enhance academic standards through the use of the latest pedagogy of training methodology by proficient and tech-savvy faculty.

  • To promote lifelong learning through innovation and scholarly engagement.



The Hon’s course at Vivek college was started in 2015 with specialization in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany. These courses lay emphasis on equipping the students with knowledge, skills and aptitude. The institution endeavours to educate student’s in an appropriate learning milieu to be a successful researcher of international standing. Our students are trained to disseminate education, conducting research work, innovate and collaborate with the other institutions.


  • State-of the-Art infra-structure with modern amenities for training.

  • Modern science Labs and class rooms to meet the current strategic science curriculum. 

  • Innovative teaching-learning methods for curriculum delivery.

  • Affiliated with Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.

  • Experienced faculty to implement systematic and well-designed teaching-learning sessions.

  • Special training in computer education.

  • Complete dissertation on the various current research topics of the subject under the guidance of trained and supportive supervisors.



The library has a vast collection of latest editions of books as well as National and International Journals. It is also provided with a digital facility for students and teachers to access e-journals for continuous up-gradation of knowledge.


Full-fledged laboratories with adequate supplies and equipment’s for each concerned department are made available for hands-on training aimed at skill development.

  • Advanced Chemistry Labs 

  • Advanced Zoology Labs 

  • Advanced Botany Labs

  • Advanced Physics Labs

  • Computer Labs

  • Botanical Garden