Head of Department

Dr. Jitendra K. Verma 

Head of Dept Social Work


‘Strengthening human relationships and promoting social justice through academic excellence.’


The mission of the department is to provide transformative and collaborative learning that embraces the values of social inclusion and promotes an enhanced quality of life for the individuals and communities.


  1. To develop and promote practice base learnings that respond to the needs of students and reflects the dynamic nature of the social work profession.

  2. To provide opportunities for all the students to learn more about the values and knowledge base of the social work profession.

  3. To establish and to strengthen a mutual and visible relationship between the department of social work and the civic community, especially social service agencies


The Department traces its origin in 2014 and is actively involved in academics and field-based practices. It strives to work towards inclusive and sustainable development and believes in promoting maximum Human potentials, Skill development, Equal opportunity, Justice, Respect for diversity and Anti-discriminatory environment within the society.
The Department runs its field action programmes to demonstrate the relevance of social work intervention in dealing with social issues and problems and also strengthen its theoretical foundation. The Department proactively responds to the challenges faced by the communities in their nearby areas as well as national level.
The faculty of the department is a part of a range of initiatives. Besides, undertaking regular research in their areas of expertise and publishing articles in national and international Journals of repute. The Department also collaborates with different educational institutions and development organizations in India and also inviting distinguished scholars & development professionals from across the nation

The department has continued to grow to more facilities over the establishment. The department has established the following facilities:

  • Skill Development Lab

  • Computer Lab

  • Field Work Development Lab.