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Dr. Ranganath MG

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Nursing is the one of the most honorable in modern health care. But is also one of the most challanging , yes its not easy being a good nurse. To be agreat nurse you must not only have a very well qualified professionally but also have the right positive attitute. There is a apporitinutiy for you to grow and to be n indepandant individual. Today there is tremdius demand for quality nusring not only in india but only in all area as the World. Become a nurse and extend your service in the development of healthy nation. We blieve in giving our learners strong values along with a set of wings which may carry them far and wide.

I welcome all lerners who desire to choose nurisng as their to the most incredible nursing collge in Bijnor and give you great learning ahead for a bright as wonderful future.

Success Stories 2022

The Training & Placement cell of Vivek plays an instrumental role in counseling and guiding the students besides conducting Personality Development Programs for students of the college for their successful Career.

The Cell develops strategic alliances with various Industries across the country to ensure placement opportunities for our students. More...